Ted and his wife Liz have been married for 36 years. They have three children: daughter Alexis (28), daughter Alice (23), and son Ted (18).

Ted graduated from high school in 1969. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1973 with a degree in Political Science. He also completed a program in Aerospace Studies which resulted in being commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the USAF and becoming a fighter pilot. He served in the Air Force for over seven years and was promoted to the rank of Captain. He became an airline pilot with Piedmont Airlines (now US Airways) and returned to Mecklenburg County. He has been an airline pilot for 31 years and is presently a Captain for US Airways.

Ted was first elected Mayor of Mint Hill in 1999. He led the Board of Commissioners to move to the town manager form of government, at that time Mint Hill was the largest town in North Carolina without a town manager. The change has helped to keep town politics out of the daily operation of the town and has made the town more responsive to its citizens.

He also led the Board in the formation of the town's police force. Mint Hill had, until that time, contracted with Charlotte to provide police protection. The town had virtually no control over a rapidly increasing police budget, which was dictated to the town by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. The move has been a great success, saving the taxpayers money and providing a higher level of police coverage.

Ted has served as Mayor during a period of unprecedented growth in a responsible manner that has allowed Mint Hill to grow while keeping a low tax rate and its small town appeal. The Board of Commissioners redefined the downtown to allow some residential density within the business district while still maintaining traditional subdivisions in the surrounding areas. They also established a conservation subdivision ordinance, which requires developers to leave more open space and green spaces. The downtown has seen an increase in small businesses and restaurants. Sidewalks and streetlights are being added to make downtown more pedestrian friendly. The Lawyers Road and Highway 51 Beautification Project was completed.

He is a strong advocate of good education for all of our children. He has participated at many different levels in our public schools. He has been a guest speaker, a mentor and career day participant many times. He is the chairman and founder of Queen's Grant Community School. Ted has a good working relationship with area principals, school board members and CMS Superintendent Peter Gorman.

Ted established the Mint Hill Veterans' Day Breakfast in 1999. This is an annual event honoring the Mint Hill area men and women who have served our country in the armed forces. The event has grown every year and has been a huge success with our veterans.

A History of Civic Involvement:

• An active Boy Scout Leader

• An Eagle Scout

• April 2011 received the Silver Beaver Award, the council-level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America.

• An Elder and Deacon at Philadelphia Presbyterian Church

• A Lifetime Member and Supporter of The Mint Hill Historical Society

• A supporter & coach of the Mint Hill Athletic Association

• On the Board of Directors of the Levine Senior Center

• A supporter of the Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department

• A supporter of the Idlewild Volunteer Fire Department

• Board Member of Simmons YMCA

• A mentor for CMS schools

• Town Liaison to the Mint Hill Park and Recreation committee

• Town representative to the Mecklenburg Union Metropolitan Planning Organization

• Elected Chairman, Mecklenburg Union Metropolitan Planning Organization 2010. Re-elected 2011

• 2006 Mint Hill Rotary Citizen of the Year

• Chairman and founder of Queen's Grant Community School (a charter school which opened in Mint Hill in 2003)

• A supporter of the Charlotte/Mecklenburg Arts & Science Council


The Mint Hill Times endorses Ted Biggers for Mayor

"No incumbent mayor has ever lost an election in Mint Hill. This year, Mayor Ted Biggers should continue that trend and the town will be better off for it.

Biggers has led the town in the boom times of the last decade as well as in recent years when growth has slowed. His leadership, along with the board of commissioners, has positioned Mint Hill nicely for the coming decade. Now more than ever Mint Hill needs to reelect Biggers."

" . . . this election cycle, Mint Hill should return the steady influence of Mayor Ted Biggers. Now is not the time to break the trend of reelecting incumbents for mayor."

Editorial taken from the Mint Hill Times
Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dear Mayor Biggers,

It has been my pleasure to serve as Superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for over 15 months. In that time, I have truly enjoyed my relationship working with the mayors of Mecklenburg County. In particular, I appreciate the support that you have personally shown me, the staff of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, but most importantly, our students. The way you welcomed me to the community has been greatly appreciated.

It is important that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have a positive relationship with local elected officials and you have helped make this happen. It is clear to me that you are an advocate for education.

As the community continues to grow, we will face many new challenges. I am grateful that we, in CMS, will be working side-by-side with you to address these challenges, making it a better community for all of our students.

Peter C. Gorman

I have had the opportunity to work with Ted Biggers on local school issues since his election in 1997. Ted has always been supportive and attentive to all the schools that serve our community. He formed an Educational Task Force, whose volunteers were involved in several reassignment committees and openings of new schools in our town. His support of all our local schools demonstrates his belief that strong schools make for a strong community. Ted's dedication and hard work were critical to bringing Queens Grant Community School to our town, and I have had to privilege to serve with him on the Board of Directors since the school's opening in 2002. I strongly support the re-election of Ted Biggers as Mayor of our town.

Carol Weddle

During the years I worked for the Town of Mint Hill while Ted Biggers was Mayor, I found him to be a man with a true desire to serve his community. He treated the citizens just as he did the staff with fairness, consideration, kindness and gratitude. He has served our town with pride and dignity and remains a man of his word. His leadership skills have proven time and again to be an asset to the continued growth and development of Mint Hill.

Jane Thompson

I had the distinct honor to work for Mayor Ted Biggers for 8 years while serving as the Mint Hill Town Manager. Ted exemplifies integrity, honesty and the highest community values. I have personally witnessed Ted Biggers take a stance in support of the Mint Hill community when challenged by others to do differently. Mayor Biggers is a fantastic leader that consistently places his community and constituents as his highest priority.

Todd Lamb

Do you want the mayor of your town to be a person who has served the people of this community with the utmost respect and dignity?

Do you want to see your town grow, with proper planning and careful consideration, before moving ahead with major projects?

When someone asks the question, where do you reside, do you want to be able to proudly say "Mint Hill"?

Do you want to be able to say, even as our town and community are growing and changing, we still have our roots planted many years ago? We are still preserving the past our senior citizens are so proud of.

Do you want the mayor of your town to be one of integrity, who has the best interest of the people residing in this town?

Do you want a mayor who has the respect and support of the veterans who served your country?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then no doubt, the person you want to vote for is Ted Biggers.

I have the utmost respect for Ted Biggers because he has respected and supported all the veterans in the town of Mint Hill.

Mayor Biggers has been, and still is, very supportive of our North Carolina Korean War Memorial which will be located in the Mint Hill Fairview Park. Without his support this may not have been the location of this memorial.

Mayor Biggers is a veteran himself and he understands the need of support in undertaking such a project. Our Chapter has had the privilege of having the Mayor as guest speaker at many of our chapter's functions.

Mayor Biggers is a man of progress!

Bill Williams,
Commander, North Carolina
Korean War Veterans Association

I strongly support Mayor Biggers re-election as the Mayor and visionary of Mint Hill. I met Mayor Biggers almost 9 years ago during his first term as Mayor. I shared with him our vision to address the needs of our oncoming senior and special population adult growth. He not only identified with the need to help, but also enlisted the support of the town. His efforts resulted in Mint Hill receiving its very first Adult Day and Health Care Center that specifically serves the needs of this rapidly growing community; over 70,000 special population adults in Mecklenburg County. This program has become the envy of surrounding counties and reflects directly on Mayor Bigger's' drive to make Mint Hill a forward planning community that serves the needs of its citizens.

Biggers is always Better for Mayor!

Nate Huggins, Executive Director

Blessed Assurance Adult Day and Health Care Center
13001 Idlewild Road
Mint Hill, NC 28105

To the Citizens of Mint Hill:

I am writing this letter for Ted Biggers. I have known Ted for over 15 years and served with him on the Mint Hill Board of Commissioners for 10 years. Ted is a person who has his priorities in order, his God, his family, his church, and his community. Ted is someone who epitomizes the definition of service, both to his church and his community. During our years together on the Board of Commissioners, I found Ted to be a person who will exhaust all avenues to solve problems of the citizens and endeavor to find solutions to future problems. Ted spearheaded the group to bring Queens Grant Charter School to Mint Hill when he realized that additional education opportunities were needed for the citizens of Mint Hill.

Ted is a forward thinking individual who knows the demands being placed on our community from development and congestion. He has been working tirelessly on trying to widen Highway 51 when the State keeps telling no. He was instrumental in bringing the new hospital to Mint Hill as well as the new Mall. Ted knew that these things were coming to Mint Hill or just outside Mint Hill where we would pay for the problems without the tax revenue. By being in Mint Hill they will produce tax revenue to pay for the problems this kind of development brings.

Ted Biggers is someone that I trust with the future of Mint Hill. He does not cater to special interest groups, he does not cater to certain neighborhoods nor does he cater to any developers. Ted does and will do what is in the best interest of his neighbors and friends, the citizens of Mint Hill.

Steve Horton
Former Commissioner, Town of Mint Hill